ToiToiToi – Im Hag

ToiToiToi - Im Hag


Finally, it’s here !

I am more than happy to present my debut album for Ghost Box Records. It took a while to finish and feels really good to let go these tracks now, for some of them were “in progress” for quite a time. It was such a pleasure to work with the Ghost Box family and I am quite proud to somehow be part of it now. With their particular sound they always seemed to be soulmates since I discovered the label years ago. They seemed to represent an approach towards both folklore and technology I was always looking for in vain in Germany. When it comes to tradition, heritage etc. things get difficult over here and with finding an alternative way of dealing with german folk and culture by also emphasising its’ psychedelic elements and calling the kindred spirits of other cultures for support, I always felt like being in a minority of one. The more grateful I am now to have found a save harbour in the imaginary world of Ghost Box and to be able to contribute my very own continental perspespective.

Get the album here.
I hope you enjoy !


ToiToiToi – Im Hag – LP


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